Make Grimsley’s “Comfort and Joy” a Must-Read for the Holidays

Jim Grimsley's "Comfort & Joy."

Jim Grimsley’s “Comfort & Joy.”

When I turned the last page of “Comfort & Joy,” I couldn’t wait to explore more of Jim Grimsley’s titles. I had fallen in love not only with the characters but the language. These were people I wish I knew, that I would welcome as friends. It has become one of my favorite books.

This novel about a comforting, joyous and loving relationship between two men really moved me. I was intrigued by the book’s mysteries, the allusions to tragedy whose secrets remained buried in the pages, leaving the reader to draw his own conclusions.

So, imagine my anticipation when I finally checked out “Winter Birds” from the library. I was pleasantly surprised to read on the inside jacket cover a synopsis that promised some answers to my questions and apparently laid the foundation for “Comfort & Joy.” I wonder what sort of reading experience it would have been if I had read the prequel first and I might recommend that.

“Winter Birds” is perhaps the most devastating novel I have ever read. The monster

Jim Grimsley

Jim Grimsley

Grimsley creates is more horrifying than anything Shelley or Stoker ever dreamed. The story grips you by the throat and punches you in the gut. Unlike “Comfort & Joy,” I just wanted it to be over, but was no less satisfied when I turned the last page.


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